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Justin was such a valuable resource when I sold my home. I was able to sell my house fast and for more than my asking price. I had originally hired a lazy Realtor to sell my house and it just sat on the market. He really gave me some solid advice.

Marshall J.

I run a large online store and can vouch for Justin’s marketing skills. He has been a valuable resource over the years and taught me many of the marketing techniques that I employ today in my business. You will not find a better marketer.

Nathan K.

I've known Justin for years and he knows more about real estate investing than anyone I know. I have always been impressed with his business acumen and negotiating skills when it comes to real estate. Trust me, you are in good hands.

Lauren G.

Justin is one of the sharpest businessmen that I have ever worked with. He really knows his stuff! The devil is in the details and Justin really knows how to dot his I’s and cross his T’s. I would gladly work with him again given the chance.

Travis M.